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Stats About Gaming in Türkiye

Turkiye is an up-and-coming market for PC gaming. After the big boom in number of players for mobile games, it became a gateway to PC gaming for most players.

Steam user stats by GameDiscoverCo shows that in the recent year, with the localized pricing policies of Steam, Turkiye became the 7th most players to actively use Steam platform for games.

Furthermore, the local investments in the gaming industry saw an increase, creating opportunities for local game developers and publishers. Istanbul has also become a popular destination for gaming conferences.

The rise in popularity of eSports and the organization of international gaming tournaments have also contributed to the growth of PC gaming in Turkiye.

Overall, the growing economy, increasing access to technology, and local investment support have all played a role in the rise of PC gaming in Turkiye. With the increasing availability of high-speed internet and advancements in technology, the popularity of PC gaming in the country is expected to continue to grow in the upcoming years.

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